Stone of LunaMature

Elves and Wolves have lived together in the forest for millions of years with a truce. Elves mainly being the brains and Wolves the warrior's.
But one day when a young group of Elves and Wolves find a powerful stone. They have to use their powers to excape by orders of the council and hide among humans while staying alive.

Elves and Wolves have work together as far back as anyone in their world can remember.

Elves are the Brains. The one's who mainly focus on the food and life sources for the two species and sustaining their way of life.

Wolves are the warrior's. Focused on protecting them all. Keeping them safe from the humans and that no one steps out of line.

Of course this doesn't apply to everyone and most of the desisions are made by the council. The wisest and oldest of their species. They make sure everything remains as it must and that no one steps out of line.

Of course like all worlds there are secrets and there is one main secret of all. The Stone of Luna. It holds the most powerful source of power ever to exist and is the only thing that could threaten the balance between the two species. But its been missing since its creation at the beggining of the truce.

So who would think it would be discovered now.....

The End

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