End of life as we kow it.


I can't believe it's the end of term already!!!! I mean, my soul has stopped wandering and Thunder and I have become very close.

But I'm not ready to leave! It seems like like I came here only yesterday! This is so unfair! I don't want to leave.

"Your coming back next year, right?" Filla asks me.

"I probably will be! Mum can't wait to get me out of the house!"I sighed.

"I hope you do! It wont be the smae without you, any of you! Plus, I think Thunder would kill himself if he lost you!"Giggled Olli.

Once I had finished packing, I picked up my two suitcases, I can't believe I only came with one! But every one giving gifts and going shopping, my spare case has gradually filled up!

We set of downstairs. I paused.

"I'll be right back!"I called, when they all looked at me.

I set off down the boys' corridoor. I knocked on Thunder, Hatch, and Sparks door.

Thunder opened it.

"THUNDER!"I cried and threw my self at him. I hugged him hard.

"I think I'll come back next year!"I whimpered, I kissed his cheeks and said goodbye, then said cya to the other boys'.

I sprinted down the hall way, everyone was waiting for me. I picked up my suitcases and pushed the door open.

I hugged each of then in turn giving them my email and phone number.

Mum was waiting for me, my face fell when I saw her, as did hers.

I got into the car.

"You have friends!"She spluttered.

"Yeah!"I said cheerfully.

And we drove off in silence.

But I didn't, all my friends were sending messages to me through their minds.

Because no matter where you are, you'll  always find hope.

Stay Connected.


The End

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