Body room ates.


I could feel a bruise blossoming on my cheek. I groan. A rush of voices came into my head.

I kicked Sav.

I hope she's okay....

I need to stop here from going back...

Wheres the freakin' hospital wing??


Ohmigod?! We have the same dad???

"MAKE THEM STOP!!!"I shriek furiously. I could feel the darkness creep over my mind again, this time I was ready to welcome it.


I fell back into the dark. I wake up, why do I feel so....Airy? OH god! I'm not dead am I???

No. the moniter was still beeping loud and clear in a beep beep way. Not a beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep way.

I get off the bed and wander round. I stroll out into the gardens, where I spot Spark and Olli talking, hugging and kissing.

"Ew! Get I room!!"I mutter.

"Wazthat?"Mumbles Olli.

"Whats what?"Askes Spak.

"There was a voice...."She started, "never mind..."

"Olli?! Can you hear me?"I gasp.

"YES!"She yells.

"It's me Savanna!!!"I cried.

"Savanna? Your dead?"Spark gave Olli a funny look.

"Whats going on?"He askes.

"Sav! She soul wandering!"She exlaims.

"Wow! dude, thats AWE-some!"He says  excitedly.

I suddenly felt myself drawn to Olli's body, I phycic pull tugged me alone to her, I felt myself melt into her.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!"We both say at the same time.

"Whats wrong Olli?!"Spark shouts.

"It's....ME! Savanna, MEMEMEEEE! SHUT UP! Savanna is in my body!!!Oh crapppp!"We both say.

"Sav, can you PLEASE shut up?!", she snappes, to which I reply, "'kay."

"Oh dear, you'll need to go see Dr Fogg. He's the doctor that's taking care of her...her body."

And we truged off to see Dr Fogg. Olli was thinking about how much she loved Spark.

"Keep ya thoughts to yourself! Thats gross!"I grumble. She laughed at me.

The End

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