I walked through the halls with Millie, we'd gone outside after english to . . . er . . . look at the forest, lets call it that. We came upon Sav sitting on the floor yelling at Olli. Sav was going crazy. Thunder was sitting beside Sav trying to calm her down.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Olli kicked Sav in the head to wake her from a coma," said Shadow. He laughed and I joined him. I could totally picture her doing that.

"Could Hatch Markins please come to the office," said the announcements. I gave Millie a strange look, her arm felt warm around my waist. My arm was wrapped around her shoulder. Shadow gave me a look too.

"Let's go check it out!" I said, turning to head towards the office.

I got to the office first, Millie was talking about something with Shadow, but everynow and then I heard "Hatch . . . Christmas . . . Present . . ." I was pretty excited.

"Dad!" I called as I turned the corner to the office. My dad was standing at the front door of the office. I ran and hugged him. This was definetly a good present. Shadow and Millie turned the corner too. When Shadow came around, he stopped dead in his tracks and his face blanched. My dad let go of me and stared nervously at Shadow. Then something incredible happened.

Shadow and I whispered the same thing at the same time.


The End

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