Coma style.


I walked out of the english classroom, feeling down.

I think I'm coming down with something. I'll need to check in at the office. I mean, it's not THAT time of  month. I've already had THAT time of month.

I think it's like, dizzyness. The bell rang, it made my ears ring.

My eyes closed for a long time, when I opened them, I couldn't see straight.

I moaned, and slumped to the floor. I heard people yelling and crowding around me.

"Whats wrong with her?!"A girls voice yelled, Faith's.

"She's burning up!"Cried another, "get a doctor!"

A darkness swept over me, it wasn't a pleasnt one, it was not nice and crude, it forced me into nothingness. I fought back. Nothing worked, I was just wasting more and more energy.

The lat thing I heard was a doctor yelling:

"She having a mind-overload! She's hearing tomany things at once! Her mind can't handle it! She's going into a coma!"

A coma? Huh? I don't wanna go into a coma! I want to go to my next lesson! I want to draw in art and sing in music! I don't want to go in a coma!!!!

The End

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