"Christmas!" I repated the word over and over jumping round the room.

"Christmas is coming" I sing jumping at Sav as she walks in. She jumps back shocked and I go back to jumping round the room singing the word.

"Olli, please sit down" the teacher asks watching me. I stop and pout angrily.

"I'll tell you what Mr George is getting you?" I say sneekily. She starts to fidget.

"Fine" she shouts. "What is it?"

"It's round, its big and it goes on your finger" I say going back to jumping. "My George and Mrs Denson married"

Everyone bursts out laughing as Mrs Denson the teacher blushes. I turn and smile happily. She sighs and gestures for me to carry on so I do so.

Best English lesson Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The End

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