Francis is actually taking me to a garden centre! I'm no tree hugger! I begged him to take me someplace else when he said we were going fishing, so he takes me to a garden centre! I'm not suprised Filla hates him. Isn't it the girls choice where we go anyway.

"I am going to look at the fishies....."I say brightly.

"Okay, I'll just be here!"He say, smiling. I walk in the direction of the fish hut, and sprint off to find Olli and Jay.

I found them, they're going to the lazer zone. They let me tag along. I read their minds, they don't seem to care.

"I GOT YA!"I squealed at Olli when I zapped her. We all laughed. We were on the same team, but I kept on shooting MY own team.

"Time to go...."Muttered Jay. I looked at my dimante' crusted watch. He was right 3;30PM.

We rushed out and went to the bus top. Thunder looked happy to see me. No doubt Faith took him to a girlie movie. I would've to. But Faith probably took him to see 'Sex and the City' or 'Confessions of a Shoppaholic'.

He came over to me and wound his arm around my waist. I smiled and leaned onto his shoulder.

"We should go to the lazer zone sometime."I murmured and started daydreaming.

The End

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