Jay won't last

I don't think Jay will last.... I mean I wait silently as he catches his breath for the third time in half a hour.

"You okay?" I ask tilting my head.

"Yeah, you really do hardly get tired" Jay says smiling up at me. I smile at him and he blushes.... I wonder why.

"Come on" I say grabbing his hand and pulling him towards the adventure place. "We're doing bungie jumping"

"I don't like heights" Jay mutters under his breath.

"You'll be fine after that we'll play in Lazer zone" I say looking back and smiling at him.

"You really are like a little kid ain't you" he says raising an eyebrow.

"In all shapes and form's come on" I say yanking on his arm and he reluctently follows me to the adventure place.

The End

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