Blind dates.


Oh my God! I have to go with Frances!!!ARG!!! He is sooooo boring! All he does is drone on and on about; 'why we should save the environment'. Yeah right. And guess what is power is? Tree's. it's so random! He can control tree's. THATS SO WEIRD!

So yeah. I'm going to the movies with a red-headed tree hugger. Wonderful.

"No body understands the importance of tree's....."Oh here he goes again!

I see Thunder and Faith laughing and talking. She isn't flirting....Well as much as a girl CAN'T flirt.

"Are you even listening to me?"Snaps Francis.

"No...."I say drifting off into my own world.

"Arg!"He mutteres.

"Y'know, Francis? I DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT FREAKIN' TREE'S!!!"I bellow. Everyone turns to stare at me.

I turn tomato red....With anger! Not embarrassment!

"Well....Do you know you have a very short temper?"He hisses.

"I DON'T HAVE A SHORT TEMPER!!"I scream. Which is true....I don't....I mean, I don't THINK I have a short temper....

Then I stormed out.

GOD SHE IS HAS SUUUUCH  A TEMPER!! Francis thinks. he doesn't know I can read minds.

"I DO NOT!!!"I shout back.

I run from the big room and into my old, now emty dorm. I sit by the window, sighing. I thought back to when Pollie kicked me out of my old dorm and into this one. Faith is right. It DOES have a much better view of the lake. I shivered a cold breeze passed by me. I knew Hatch had come to check on me. I couldn't read his mind but I could feel it.

"I'm fine Hatch. I'm over my temper tantrum."I mutter. Then he leaves.

I little bird came to the window. It wasn't scared of me. It just sat there, tweeting away. I opened the window a crack, it flew in, I fell off the windowsil in suprise.

"WOAH!"I gasped.

It was perched on the lamp-shade. Tweeting  away.

"Shoo! Shoo!"I cried. I opened the window fully. It didn't budge. I ended up having to pick it up and put it out the window!

I slammed the window shut. The room was now cold.

"BLIND DATE TIME!!!!!"I heard Olli yell. I felt my feet move without me wanting them to.

"GOD DAMMIT, OLLI!"I sshout. I hear a cheery laugh in reply.

Francis was waiting there awkwardly for me.

"Sorry."He mutterd.

"S'okay. I'm sorry too. I was being rude, I guess."I sighed.

And we set off to go on our  'blind dates'.

Wonderful. At least Thunder isn't looking at Faith the way he looks at me. He's looking at her as if they were great mates. Which was good. But it didn't her that his arm was around her shoulders....

In a friendly way though. HA! She just pushd it off! Good on ya!

I hoped this blind date goes well, or I mingt just have another paddy-fit!

The End

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