Master Plan

"Okay, boys pick" I shout.

They all take a piece of paper. Dess and Jill decided they didn't want to participate since they don't have soul mates.

Thunder get's Faith

Hatch get's Lillie

Shadow get's Millie.

Frances get's Sav

Spark get's Filla

Jay get's me!!!!!!

"Okay, everyone's paired up" I say. "Now everyoe say bye bye to your soulmate we won't be meeting up till 6 o'clock, at Rian Resterant"

I run over to Spark before anyone moves and kiss. I hear some laugh but then go to there soul mate to say good bye. Except for Shadow who just says bye nicely.

I should have put them together.

"Oh, can I swap someone" I say. "Thunder you go with Millie and Shadow you go with Faith"

"What?!?" They both shout.

"Right time to go" I shout. I grab Jay's hand and pull him out the room.

"Good luck mate" Spark calls to him.

The End

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