Blind Dates


I lie on my bed, daydreaming. It's friday evening. All of us had decided to go out together tomorrow, maybe watch a movie or something. Olli is actually tired! That is the first time ever! I see her take a little nap next to Spark, or is she daydreaming, like me? Only with closed eyes....?

"I HAVE AN IDEA!" Olli screams, sitting up straight. Ahh, she wasn't asleep. Spark grins and asks her what her amazing idea is.

"Tomorrow, when we all go out, I'll write each girl's name on a seperate piece of paper, fold it up, and put it in a hat. Then, a boy has to pick a piece of paper, and that girl will be his companion for the rest of the day! Only one rule, you can't be with your soulmate." I hear people all over the room groan.

"So typical Olli..." someone tuts.

"Okay? Everyone agrees?" Olli asks, then before anyone could answer, "Blind Dates for everyone tomorrow!"

Being Friday evening, everyone is too tired to argue with her. Then Olli lies back onto Spark and falls asleep immediately. Or is she?

The End

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