How come you went to town?

I skip into the room. "Morning" I shout and everyone groans. I jump on to my bed.

"I have pressies" I shout.

"What?" Everyone grumble but not at the same time. "Go to sleep Olli" They did shout that at the same time.

I pout angrily then put two fingers in my mouth and whistle.

"Ow" Everyone shouts. They mumble in pain getting to their feet.

"You went shopping?" Faith says looking confused.

"Yep" I say proudly.

"How come you went in to town?" Sav asks rubbing her eyes Thunder arm looped around her waist.

"Cause I had a good reason" I say smiling. "Right"

I begin throwing boxes at people. Some catch them some get hit.

"Tadah!" I shout showing them what I got them all.

"Now if you excuse me, I have other forms and rooms to give a different color bracelet to. We have smoky gray. Each room has a different color, then each form has a different metal. Our is silver with smokey gray stone can't remember the name " I say smiling. I clip the bangle on to my wrist then wizz of out the door.

The End

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