Best Friends Forever


I instantly felt bad.

Olli and I were best friends. But I was still wearing Faiths' best friends bracelet.

I grinned. I can have loads of best friends right? But....Olli said I was HER best friend. ARG! This is so confusing!

My brain hurts!

Hey there cutie.

Thunder thought rushed through my head, I turned around to see Thunder smiling that smile that turned my legs to jelly at me.

I grinned at him, and plonked myself down next to him.

"I'm 14!"I declaired loudly, so everyone could hear, "and we ARE going to have a sleepover party!"

"How can we? We already sleep in the same room!"Said Hatch in a confused voice.

"Fine then...."

"Yes?"Siad Spark, as if to tell me to go on.

"We'll have slumber party!!"I said in my best fake american accent. Everyone laughed. I smiled.

"Boys, you sneak all the Doritos and Pringles you can get. Us girls will get the games and the sweets!"I ordered.

"'Kay!"Said Spark, getting up, "and by 'games' do you mean GAME because the only game we'll be playing is spin the bottle."

"Yeah, whatever!"

Five packets of Doritos later, we were all about to go to sleep!

I snuggled under the quilt. There was a twenty centermetre gap between Thunder and I. He wasn't asleep. I pretended to be, it was hard though, I could feel him watching me.

"I know your not asleep, your breathings gotten faster."He whispered in my ear.

"Never said I was!"I whispered back.

"You were pretending to be though."




"Was!"I sighed deeply, "I'm not doing THIS again!"

He laughed. I giggled.

He edged closer to me. And closer, until my head was on his shoulder. I fell asleep that way. I smiled when I woke up, because I realised, no matter how many best friends I have, we'll always stick together.

The End

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