Perfect shape

So the beds were changed and Thuder and Sav were back together. Let's hear a big hurray.

I flip once, twice and Saprk grabs me 0ut of the air to stop doing another. Everyone laughs and we make our way to class slowly. I run over to Sav.

"Show me your locket" I say smiling at her. She shows it to me and I show her mine.

"No way" she gasps.

"There called partner lockets Thunder and Spark got them when they were born" I say smiling. "See how your's has a T and mine an S"

"Wow!" she says.

"Now, the partner lockets are with you and me" I say hugging her.

"Olli" She shouts laughing.

"You're my best friend Sav" I say turning to skip back to Spark whose walking behind me.

The End

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