Love is in the air


"OLLI's AWAKE!!" I shout to anyone who would listen. I turn and see Thunder and Sav close together. Sav looks extraordinarily prettier than usual. Ah, they got back together. That'll explain almost everything. I return to the Big Room and hop onto my bed. Hatch is there, chatting with Shadow on the other bed.

"Hey," I say, putting my arms around his neck and pecking him on the cheek.

"Hi," he replies, looking up at me. Shadow smiles and turns away. Faith is sitting on the other side, looking really down. It must feel awful, seeing everyone with a soulmate, and to have one that didn't know he loved her. I sigh, Hatch turns towards me.

"What's the worry?" he asks quietly. I flop and lie on the bed.

"It's Shadow. He doesn't know he loves Faith." Hatch lies down too and cuddle up to him. "It's obvious, why else would they be sharing a bed."

"Because there aren't anymore singles?" Hatch chuckles at me, "Stop worrying, they'll get together."

"How d'you know?" I ask suspiciously, staring into his brilliant eyes.

"Because I can feel it. And I'm the same gender as him." I put my head on his chest, tracing the scars on his face with my left hand.

"Sexist!" I hiss, kissing him.

"All right, I'll try figure out." Hatch laughs. His smile brings light to my eyes, but his laugh brings music to my ears.

"Do you know where Tommy is?" I ask suddenly, haven't seen him around lately.

"Oh, your hamster? Yeah, I think she's currently in one of my drawers, nibbling on some crumbs or something..."

"She? Tommy's a 'he'...." Hatch laughs at me again, "What?" I complain.

"You've not noticed how much 'he's' been eating, and the growing stomache?"

"No way!" I whisper.

"Time to change Tommy's name."

The End

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