Arm in arm, hand in hand.


Millie came rushing out of the house.

"OLLI'S AWAKE!!!"She yelled. I looked up at Thunder, he winks. And snakes his arm round my waist, Millie gave us a funny look and scampered back inside.

"I love you."I mumble.

"Love you too." Thunder smiled.

"Come on. Let's go see Ollie."I sigh.

And we walked into the Form Roux building. I grinned as I saw Olli doing a performace.

"Well, well, well."I smirk, " Little Miss I-can-do-everything has woken up! And is actually dacing!"

"SAV!"She cries when she see's me. And we hugged eachother. Then a nurse came in and told Olli off for getting up. She was smiling too though.

The next day, Olli and Spark were arm in arm. Thunder and I were hand in hand. And the moment was so perfect, I wanted it to last forever!

The End

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