The Locket and The Pain


I wore a low-ish cut shirt today. Thunder saw I was wearing the locket. He smirked when he noticed. I glowered, but didn't take it off.

"You like it then?"He asked.


"The locket."

"Yes. Thankyou."I said politley.

He left a note on my desk and walked off.

Meet me in the gardens. at your secret place; 10;00PM.

I stared at it, then put it in my pocket. I glanced at him, but he was busy doing his work.


The end of school bell went. I had heaps of homework due in for tomorrow. And heaps of presants to open. Mum and Dad sent me one. But Mum didn't sign the card. Moody cow! Dad said that he missed me loads and so does mum(yeah right!).

I had a presant from each of my friends.

Spark and Olli had got me a new notepad, it had marshmellows on the cover(picture, of course!). Lillie and Millie had got me a ying and yang pillow, Lillie signed ying and Millie signed yang. Shadow got me a poster that said on it; Rebel against the orders!, then had a picture of a kitten throwing a ball at a window! Faith got me a best friends bracelet, she had the 'friends half'. Toni send me a card in the post with £10 in. Hatch got me a blue aliceband(who knew he was so stylish?).Filla got me a IQ tester thingy.

So I did pretty good all in all, and oh, yeah, Dad got me laptop!!!!

I went to sleep for a bit and dreamed about fishes....hmmmmm.

BLEEEEEP! My alarm clock went of at half nine. I rubbed my eyes and got up, I was in my PJ's and I put on my Ugg Boots, and black coat and sneaked out.

I stalked through the garden and sneaked through the hole in the hedge.




"WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!"I roared. He smiled sheepishly.


"So?"I asked iricudiously.

"So what?"

"So, what did you want to meet me here for?"

"Ah. I'm so sorry about this! But it's the only way I....Sorry, it will all end soon...." He said, missing bits out.

"Thunder, wha--?"My question was cut off with a blood-curdling scream...MY scream, I fell to the floor,I felt like I'd been dropped into a pit of fire, being stung by nettles, beaten up and cut with a thousand knifes all at the same time. I knew the feeling all to well.

"STOP! PLEASE!!"I screamed.

He shook his head sadly. "It's the only way....Sorry."

"NO!!!PLEA--!"It stopped, I could feel no pain. I took in a shaky breath.


"I...."He stutterd. "Your f...f..face!"

I pulled my compact mirror out of my coat pocket, and sure enough...My face!

My eyes were a clear green as usual, but my skin was pale and peachy, my freckles, again, had turned golden. I stared at my newer, prettier face. I had the same feeling as last time. My body yearned for him. But my heart wanted to love him. My mind was telling me to love him. No part of me hated him anymore. But....How?

"Thunder?"I said in wonder.

His face broke out into a fabulas smile.

I threw my arms around his waist and his arms snaked around mine. I burried my self in his nice boy smell. I only came up to his shoulder. I AM tall for my age it's just Thunder is VERY tall for his age! I mean, I'm only 14!

I smiled and sighed; "Ilove you..." A wave of emotions washed over me. I knew I couldn't EVER say I hated him again, because that wasn't humanly possible anymore. This time, and I MEAN this time, we'd stay together forever!

We would Stay Connected.


The End

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