Sight is precious

I curse not being able to move or see as Spark lies down next to me. He wraps his arms tight.

AHHHH!!!!! Sav can't even hear my thoughts which is more annoying. Uhh!!! When will she just see that Thunders her soulmate.......

I reach out with my mind and touch Thunder's brain. I slip slowly inside and try to walk through his memories and thoughts.

Why can't she see? I want to share that double bed with her..... Hold her close and storke her hair.

I spot a picture of me jump up. It's a memorie that I remeber all to well..... when he said he loved me.

Then another pops up the day he walked in to find me and Spark kissing..... My first kiss.

At least things were understandable with Olli...... Sav doesn't even see how I feel about her......

An image of Sav pops up and I feel slightly strange as love fills his head. He is kissing her softly and storking her hair.

I retret back to my my body and sigh. I wish I could see his face. I bet it's showing all his feelings. Sight is precious.

The End

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