I lie down on our bed. On the left side, to be precise. Shadow walks over, expressionless, I want to know what he thought, about us two sharing a bed. Nevermind. He lifted the covers and slip onto the bed, without a word. I turn away. It is so unbearable to have to sleep with Shadow when, he doesn't even like me. I start crying silently.

"Good night," mutters Shadow, I wipe my face.

"Night," I whimper back. Then I fall asleep.

I'm standing under a cherry blossom tree. In front of me is a wide river. On the other side is Shadow. Sav is on a cloud, floating away. I see him look at the cloud, his face full of sorrow.

"Shadow!" I cry. He doesn't hear me. Instead, he starts walking towards the cloud. I step into the river. The water is cold, but I can't feel the wetness. As I wade through the water, it swallows me, pulling me down to the deep end in the middle.

"Shadow!" I scream, putting both of my hands up and waving furiously. I sink even more, the water reaching my neck suffocates my breathing. I kick in the water, trying to rise. I close my eyes, after looking at Shadow the last time, then I sink into the water.

I scream quietly, then I open my eyes. I feel cold, I realise I had kicked the duvet to the end of the bed. Someone is shaking my shoulders. I turn and find myself staring into Shadow's gorgeous eyes. I sigh.

"Hey," he whispers to me. "You okay?" I nod. He smiles at me. The moment seem to last forever. He pulls the cover over me then sleeps again.

The End

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