It was black everywhere nothing but darkness and pain. After Spark had told Sav all they had to do was make up and forgive each other she remained silent.

I mean how hard can it be to make up with someone. I don't need them to get back together just for Sav to forgive Thunder.

Why couldn't she have seen it? WHY???????

Oh, what's the point complaining ain't gonna do nothing.

I sigh mentally and I glad that's Sparks still here next to my bed. He had brought me up to the big room I think. Well everyone did make a fuss so......

I just hope he'll be able to sleep. I know this is a double bed I can sense it in his mind. Hehe, double bed.

My heart races at the thought. Everyone was quiet or silently gossiping now and it was hard to pick anything out.

Pollie had been expelled. YAY!!!!!!!

And now it was Destiny and Jill sharing the double while Sav and Thunder slept apart on the singles.

Spark had insited it apon her that she need to stay in this room just for me.

Besides they were kind of taking it in turns to watch me. When Spark needed the bathroom or was hungry Sav would sit next to me.

But she still remainde silent......... I just have to hope she'll forgive him soon so his pain will fade slightly.

The End

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