Which Bed?

I walked down the hall with Millie, carrying both our backpacks and my suitcase as she carried her suitcase. Lillie was walking behind us with Jay. Millie's hair shone everytime the sun hit it, it glimered like a black piece of granite. Her blue eyes sparkled.

You're so beautiful, I thought, How do I deserve you?

I looked bac ahead of me, the big room was coming up. Olli was ushering everyone in, and I tilted an invisible hat and said "Thank ya m'am," as we walked in. Millie laughed and my heart soar out of my chest. My one goal in life now was to make her laugh every second of every day. Always and forever. Her nose crinkled as she looked at the beds. I'd deciphered this as something she did when she was considering something. It was adorable, I had to say.

"Which bed m'lady?" I said in a mock old english tone.

"Well fine sir, I do like that one!" she said pointing at a double bed with a dark wood head board. There was a lion carved into the footboard.

"Well then, lets!" I linked arms with her, laughing as we walked over to our bed on the far left. The wood work was gorgeous. Millie took out a dark blue duvee, big enough for a double. I pulled mine out, and realized it was the exact same. We looked up at eachother, wide eyed.

"No way!" we said in unison. Laughing we spread out hers, and folded mine at the bottom of the bed, leaving it in case it was cold. Olli ran from the doorway, off towards something, although I wasn't sure what. She had her fists clenched though, and I didn't think it could be good.

The End

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