I storm down the hall Pollie on her way to terrorise Sav ahead. I grind my teeth.

"Pollie" I shout. She turns just as I slam my fist into her face. I feel arms around me and Spark struggles to keep hold as I jerk my body.

"LEAVE POLLIE!!!! HOW DARE YOU RECK EVERYTHING!!!!!!! I ENTERED THUNDERS MIND A MINUTE AGO AND ALL I SAW WAS PAIN" I can't stop screaming and I see Sav looking at me shocked. I calm myself slightly.

"Don't you know how much Sav meant to Thunder? Huh did you?" I shout.


"Of coarse you didn't" I hiss.

"Return to your happy place Olli" Spark whispers. Then I realize what I'm doing. Pollie is gripping her head in pain. I let go off her mind and she backs away shocked.

I feel my eyes glaze over slightly. My body begins to go cold and I feel myself slump. Spark curse but I can no longer see him.

"What happened?" I hear Sav's voice cry.

"She's gone into power fight" Spark says. "It's where it all gets to much. Her powers are to control people but she also feels people. She's going into a coma cause Thunder has gone into self denial. This happened last time it took three months for Thunder fury to calm enough for her to wake up"

"So what do we have to do?" Sav asks.

"Not really simple...... you and Thunder will have to make up"

The End

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