This time....I wont love him. I hate him. I wont be friends with him! I wont love him! I wont like him in any way possible!

"Sav...Wazzup?" Cries Faith.

"Thunder! He did it again! I'm never EVER going to speak to him again!"I whimper.

"Aww, Savanna! Some one else will come!"She says softly.

"No, they wont! I hate him! No other boy was ever that perfect for me...Except Shadow. But were just friends now! Me and Thunder...We were like puzzle pieces! We were MADE for eachother!"


"Bye!"I say quickly, "I'm going to stay in MY dorm, by the way. I don't want to move into the big room."

I ran off, the water-works starting again.

I choked on my sobbs. I hated it here! I want to go home!

I want my Dad!!!!!!

I wanna see my teachers!

I want to see my brothers!!

I want to be....



The End

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