I drag Olli away from the crowd -who now begin to file out of the door to pack- and into a corner.

"Olli," I say calmly, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" I scream. "You know very very well that Shadow probably doesn't even like me. Why are you putting us together? Why didn't you ask for four single beds?"

"No worries, you two will just get close...and bingo! You can go ask Destiny or Jill if they want to share though."

"What will they say if I go ask them?"

"They'll say no." Olli smirks, "Come on, it won't be that bad. He'll realise sooner or later."

"What if he's still getting over Sav?" Olli starts walking away, and I grab her by the arm.

"One night."she says to me, "One night, and if you still feel uncomfortable, I'll talk to Destiny and Jill. Okay?"

"How d'you know?" I ask uncertainly.

"I can read minds, remember?"

The End

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