Big Room!!!!!

Okay this was great.... actually not great brilliant.

I just hope Lillie and Jay had done what I asked and rounded everyone up. Well everyone besides Sparks since I was now clung to his side again.

My favorite spot in the WORLD!!!!!!!!

Anyway.... We get to the room where Sav moved to followed by millions. I had also invited Frances, and not Pollie, and I thought Filla would kill me for that. But as I jump into the room they kiss lightly and I giggle.

"Right everyone" I say getting their attention. "We.... are...... moving...... to...... the BIG ROOM!"

Everyone smiles. "And Pollie's not invited" I shout and watch some of them smile.

"Right there is a problem..... There are enought bed but only two singles the rest of doubles so we have to share" I say. "So I arranged that all soulmates share and Jill and Destiny have the singles"

"Fine with me" Spark whispers in my ear and I hug him. I hear lots of chuckles then talk begins.

"Everyone fine with it?" I ask.

"Deffinetly" they all chorus.

"Great everyone grab your stuff and we meet in the hall!" I say skipping off.

The End

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