Were all supposed to go into town today. I don't wanna go. And it was just my luck 'cause they canclled it!!WHOOPIEEE!

Olli and I aren't talking. I think it may be because she's to embarrassed to talk to me bacause her 'friend' tried to kill me. And I guess she feels bad about not waking up.

But I'm not alone anymore. Which is good.....I guess. But I knew the one person I wanted to talk to, didn't want to talk to me.

Yeah. I was being harsh, when I didn't react when Thunder kissed me. But, I broke it! I can un-break it! Can I?



SHUT UP!!!!!

No. You and Thunder. That is the way to go. Said the voice smugly.OH MY GODDDDD! SHUT UP!

You don't wanna be alone. So now your not!

Yeah, I mean real people! Not my concience!

It shut up. Thank God!

There was a knock on my dorm door.


"It's...Uh....Me, Thunder."

"I know."I sighed, smiling. "Come on in."

"IM SO SORRY!"We both blurted at the same time.....Just like before...When we'd been together.

He grinned sheepishly.

"I'm so sorry. I know well...Y'know we can't be soulmates anymore....But can we still be friends?"

I smiled wistfully. "Sure, sure! Look, Thunder....I don't wanna ruin your realationship with Pollie...."I said gently, although a sneered her name.

"I'm not with Pollie anymore."He said in a grim voice.

"Oh!"I gasped, a flood of emotions came to me. My eyes widened. My eyes fluttered. I shivered, then stood there, feeling quite bewildered!

"Oh!"He gasped just after, and did the same things as I did.

I opened my arms, he stumbled into my embrace. He smelt nice; of soap and lemons. I sighed. and snuggled into his shoulder.

"OH MY GOD!"Pollie screeched.

I quickly stepped away.

"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING WITH HER?!"I didn't like the way she said 'her'.

"What does it look like? I'm with my best girl."He smiled, putting a arm around my shoulders.

"NOOOO! HOW COULD YOU? Why Thunder, honey? I love you! But thats obviously not enough for you!"She half wailed half snarled.

"No....Your not. You just like the LOOK of me."He said a matter of factly

"bu....How?.....Bu....?"She stuttered, it sounded extra stupid in her fake accent.

"No....Thunder, you DID love eachother, I was the victim of YOUR soulsplit!"I whipsered in his ear.

"Get lost Pollie. I don't need you on my back. Were not togerther, were not friends and we no longer talk."Thunder growled.

She tittered like she thought it was hilarious.

"No Thunder, you can't ever get ME outta your head."She snarled at him, "and YOU...Well, let's say your not on the top of my friends list!"

Then she flounced off.

I giggled. He chuckled. And I wanted this moment to last forever; his soapy-lomoney smell, his arms around me...It was perfect.

Then too soon he stepped away.

"I gotta go."He said reluctantly. I laughed.

"You say that like it's a BAD thing!"

"It is!"He protested.



"ISN'T! I'm not going to do THAT again!"I giggled.

Then he strode out of the room. I sighed. I guess I knew what this meant. No one could break his apart THIS time. Not even Pollie!

I knew this perfect-ness would last forever. God that sound cheesy!

Told you so.

The voice said smugly. But it was right.

The End

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