First Kiss

I walked up the stairs, hood up. I didn't really like having my hood down anymore, only sometimes. It was ok, but this way no one would as me questions as I passed. Crossing the hallway, I saw the door to Millie's new dorm open. Walking quietly up, I stood behind the twins, Sav's head poked through them. She opened her mouth to say hi but I lifted a finger to my lips, telling her to shush. She smiled and shut her lips, pushing them together. I rolled my eyes and drew in a big breath.

"BOO!" I yelled, tapping Millie's shoulders.

"AHH!" Millie and Lillie jumped around. Lillie wound up her arm to punch me, but lowered it when she saw me laughing. Millie was clutching her chest, her eyes bulging out of her head.

"I . . . sc-scared you!" I said between laughs. I grabbed my stomach and bent over.

"Hatch!" Millie screeched, but I could see the smile on her face through my tears. My stomach was killing me from laughter.

"I'm sorry!" I said, although I wasn't. The look on her face had been priceless. Millie wound up and punched me in the arm. I stopped laughing and looked up, a small giggle escaping my lips.

"Millie!" I screamed. I picked her up aroundthe waist and hoisted her over my shoulder. She screamed and pounded my back as I spun in circles laughing twice as hard as before.

"Put me down!" she squealed, I could feel her stomach pulsing on my shoulder as she laughed. I put her on the ground, holding her on the waist to make sure she didn't fall over. We were both laughing extremely hard. I pulled her a little closer, and her laugh caught in her throat as I leaned my face towards hers. She put her arms around my neck, bringing herself closer and then our lips met. A shiver ran through us both as she pulled herself even closer. I pulled away grinning when I heard Sav, Faith and Lillie laughing. Millie pulled away too and turned to face the girls, blushing. I was a good head taller than all of them, and she leaned her head against my shoulder. It felt nice, she was warm. It felt . . . right.

The End

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