Get lost Pollie

Me and Filla sit on the bed playing uno. I know Filla will win cause she always see's my cards mind you I'm just doing it to ignore Pollie.

"Olli, want to go to the gardens?" she asks skipping over and smiling.

"No" I say placing down a card. Pollie has changed yet again this was how she was when I dated Thunder until our uunderstanding..... Which has now been terminated!!!!!!!

"Uno" Filla says placing down her last card. "I wonder how Sav is?"

"Who cares?" Pollie hisses.

"I care" I shout before running out the room. I'm going to see the headmistress. She'll know what to do. Maybe..... Just maybe we can get us to have the big room together. I smile.

Without Pollie. Then maybe I can make Sav understand what Pollie did.....

The End

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