Switching dorms


Millie and I carry our suitcases down the corridor. We decided it wasn't such a good idea to be in the same dorm as Pollie and Faith & Sav might want a little more company. We said goodbye reluctantly to Olli and Filla an then stared Pollie down. "Au revoir!" she had said to us. Yeah, whatever. We knock on our new dorm. Faith opens the door, looking surprised and Sav is in the corner, crouched with her head in her hands.

"Hi!" Millie says. "We're moving in whether you like it or not."

"Yeah," I continue, "Pollie might murder us in the night and we thought you two might want a bit more company." Sav looks up and walks over to us.

"Thanks, guys." She gives us a warm hug.

"Actually, it's 'gals' not guys." I say, I see Sav smile a little then sit on her bed, her eyes red.

The End

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