I ran to my dorm. I hated everyone!

"Wazzup, man?"Asked Sparks.

"LEAVE ME ALONE!"I snarled. I was angry....I loved Savanna; but she had to go and rap my love away. I couldn't feel love..Or any emotion except anger at the moment. I stormed out of the room.

I ran into the garden. I knew where Savanna always hides...She told me.

I know she'll be there. I had to find her!

I sneaked through the hole in the hedge. I saw her.....The only thing in the world that makes me happy:

Savanna Hope.

Her beautiful green eyes widened as she saw me.

" can't here!"She stammered. Her voice shaking.

"No, Savanna!Please!"I whispered.

"I broke it, Thunder. I can't take it back."

"Yes you can!"I insited.

"No....I can't!"




Can't!!!!"She said fircely.

"Fine. Then this will!"I snarled in a very scary voice and gripped the back of her head and kissed her. I pulled back.

"NO!"She shrieked and ran out of the hole. I persued her.

"SAVANNA!!!!"I cried. I felt....Not....I still felt angry. Nothing had changed. She doesn't love me....

I'm alone. Again. I....No. I'm not alone. I have friends. I have good friends. They will help me.

But I know, deep inside. That the only person I needed to talk to was Savanna.

The End

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