I don't want to be anlone anymore.


My heart is killing me. Not like a heart-burn sort of hurting. But a....It's awful! I HATE IT!!!I know Pollie is trying to take MY soulmate away from me, MY soulmate....

Oh no.

Ohno, oh no, oh no!

I'm the victim of a soul-split.

I'm going to die.

Will I?

Wont I?

I don't know. But I now feel the sort of lonleyness I felt in my old school.

I couldn't feel any emotion. I felt.....Alone....Emty.....I wanted a friend. I could scence the presence of some one. But.....I couldn't 'hear' them. I wanted to know who it was....Was it Thunder? Was it Shadow? Olli? Faith? Filla? Twins?WHO?!?!?!

I took a sharp intake of breath. My eyes fluttered open.

"SAVANNA!"Cried Faith.

I grinned sleepily. She smiled back.

"Thunder....Pollie....I....I was in a s...s...soul-split, wasn't I?"I stammered. She nodded sadly.

"I am so sorry, Sav! I...I don't...I was confused. I came in the night...When you were screaming, I saw the blood and called, like you did, but...no one came!" She looked discusted.


"I....Pollie."She said grimly.

"Spill." I said, my eyes widening.

"Okay, here's the story:

You were screaming, I called for Toni, but then I remembered she had moved schools. And I practically flitted to your room, you had hit your head, and you were breathing short breaths, I thought you were dead! All this blood was on the carpet, and all in your hair!I told you I'd be right back, I had to do it quickly, but Pollie was smiling in a horrid way, everyone was asleep...Except her. I think she was freezing them. I know she was. I think....I KNOW she was doing it so you died. She wanted Thunder SO bad, she'd KILL some one for him! When I burst in, she looked so guilty. I shouted at her and slapped her. Thats why she has a mark on her cheek, I made her wake them up. Then we all rushed into your dorm. And you were already nearly dead. If miss Tind hadn't come as soon as she did, you'd be long gone. She save you. Pollie attemted to kill you. I now know why you hate her so much!"

I was already crying. Brocken, shatterd, heart-broken sobbs.

"And....and Thunder and P....Pollie are now together?"I said in a shrill voice.

She nodded, looking down. She started crying too.

Then at that moment, Thunder came in.....With Pollie stuck to his side. I shut up...Then stared at them....

"Get out!"I spat. "I hate you! GET OUT! I HATE YOU!!! HOW....NO!JUST GET OUT!!!!And I KNOW the story Pollie. Did you know your 'soul-mate' tried to kill me? Yeah. That's why I hate you BOTH so much. Thunder; because you CAN'T see how EVIL she is. She is cruel and manipulative! Pollie; because you tried to kill me. And I just hate you!!!GET OUT!!!"I screamed at them.

Thunder whispered something to Pollie, and she walked out. I glared at her departing backside.

"I said; GET OUT!"I hissed at him. He stared at me, I realised he was crying too. I don't know why.

Please! Savanna, don't....

"Oh yes. You've had it now Thunder..."

"NO!!!"He screamed.


I started crying.

"No...Thunder, you broke my heart. and...."


"Thunder Joe Thompson, I don't love you anymore."I wailed. I screamed. I felt like part of my body had been ripped away from me. He obviously felt that too.

"I'm sorry, so sorry!!!"He gasped, "TAKE IT BACK! PLEASE!!!"

"I want to. But, you love some one that tried to kill me. I can't deal with that. She's a horrid person. And I don't know why you don't see that. I don't care if you 'clicked', because, it hurt me so badly. I was nearly dead. And the fact that you did that to me....I can't even begin to think....Sorry Thunder."I sobbed. Faith stared at me. She looked so sad. Almost pittiful.

He walked out, his shoulders slumped.

"Thunder...It's okay!"I heared Pollie simper in her fake french accent.

"NO IT'S NOT POLLIE!!!YOU DID THIS! THIS IS ALL BECAUSE OF YOU! WHY DID YOU TRY TO KILL SAVANNA? WHY?....Thats what  I thought."Then I heared a slap that echoed around the hallway and screams and yells and shouts. And I knew, soon, Thunder wouldn't be loved at all....again.


The End

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