Faith : Soulbreak


I ran to the nurse's room, nearly breaking the door down.

"Miss Tind! Miss Tind!" I yell. I see her rush out from the toilet.

"What's the matter dear? Something wrong? Do you feel ill?" she asks in her soft voice.

"No, no! Please follow me, one of my friend has literally fainted. None of us know what to do. It may have something to do with her soulmate getting together with another friend that has recently come back though." I explain, she walks alongside me on the corridor.

"Oh no! That's a soulbreak."

"A what?!" I exclaim.

"A soulbreak," she repeats, "When souls split up, one soul may be in such heartache that she starts sleeping. For a very long time. Too painful to wake up."

"A coma?" I ask, my eyes wide with fear. She nods. We reach the dorm and Miss Tind enters. Lillie is outside with Thunder and Pollie, they both look very guilty. I follow her. Miss Tind reaches down to Sav, touching her neck and feeling her heart.

"She's weak," Miss Tind says to all of us. Currently, she's in a coma, nothing can be done to help that. Who is her soulmate?" Everyone looks towards the door.

"Ahh, the two people against the wall outside? I see. I may need to move Sav into the ward for a while. Until she gets better. She cannot be left alone." She tells us.

"No!" I say. "I'll move in, I'll look after her."

"Are you sure?" she asks, face full of concern. I nod.

The End

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