Shivers and goose-bumps.


I woke up. I felt very dizzy. Faith was yelling her head of. She was crouched in front of me.

"SOME ONE!!!!HELP!!!! SAVANNA'S HURT BADLY!!!!"She shouted.

"Shhhmushhhh."I mumbled.

"OH! Your awake!!!"She gasped, "I'll be right back!"

"Ke-may."I sigh. I hurt to talk. I felt liquied come cout of my mouth. I put my hand to my lips...

As soon as I did that, I knew what the liquid was. Blood.

I screamed. I was dying. I WAS DYING!!!!!

I screamed shrilly, yelling, kicking, shouting. Olli, Filla, Faith, the twins, Spark, Hatch, Shadow, Thunder and.....Pollie. Came rushing in.

"OH MY GOD!!!! SAV!!!!!"Cried Olli. She came up to me. Hugged me.

"Get HER outta here!"I spat.

"Me?" Olli said, hurt.

"No....Pollie."I hissed. Giving her the evils. Well, as best as a almost dead person could.

Thunder came over to me. He held my hand. But never met my gaze. He KNEW he'd done this. He and Pollie have had the dream too. I SAW they did. I KNOW they did.

","I stammer, "l...l....lo...."I felt tears slide down my now cold cheeks.

""I felt a wave of dizzyness sweep over me. "I'm tired....I'm goign to sleep now....."I sighed. Then the darkness crept over me once more. The last thing I heared was Olli.

"Get a teacher!!!!!"She screamed. Then...Nothing. I can't see, feel, or...Well...I don't even know if I'm breathing. But I'm alive. I KNOW I'm living. I need to be...I can....I can still....I'm alive...I feel....I CAN feel pain...Too much pain. Pain gushed to my head.. I could feel more blood rush to the cut....I screamed. There was light now. I could feel...I could feel TOO much! I shrieked. Tears blurring my sight. I cried and screamed until my throat went sore. I blinked. I looked up to see the face of teachers...Friends....Enimie. I want to live...But I don't want to feel this pain I feel. Not just the real pain in the gash in my head. But the pain in my heart. The pain that Thunder would do that to me....

I scream. And the darkness comes over quicker. I breath in deeply. And smile. I welcomed it. I numbed the pain. For now.....

The End

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