Hate does this to me.

Savanna's dream.

I stare into the empty field. Then shriek, because Thunder and Pollie are kissing. right there in front of me. My eyes were stinging from the salty water spilling out of them.

I breeze swept over me. Sending my long-ish blond hair flowing over my shoulder.

"Kill her for me, love?" Hissed Pollie. In a cold voice that sent shivers down my spine. He smiled evilly.

"Certenly!"He said meanly.

"NO!!!!NO!!! THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING!!!!THUNDER!!!!!DON'T HURT ME!!!!ARGGGG!!!!!I HATE YOU!!!!!NOOOOOO!!!!!STOP IT PLE-E-EEEESE!!!!ARGGGGGGG!!AHHHH!!!NOOO!THUNDER! NO, THIS IS WRONG! NO!!!!"I scream. I fall to the floor. Writhing in pain. I wanted to die.

"Fine. We'll leave you here. Forrrrr-EVER!"Pollie hissed. Here short brown french-cut hair billowing in the wind. I cried harder. I woke up.  Blood was spilling from the back of my head. I been rammed into the corner of the wardrobe whilst I was dreaming....

Something was wrong! No one was here to help me!

"HELPPPP!!!!!!!"I screeched. "OLLI!!!!FILLA!!!!MILLIE!!!!LILLIE!!!!!FAITH!!!TONI!!!!"

No one answered.

"Please....Some one!"I whimpered. Still no one came.....

I'm going to die. And this time I will die.....I slumped to the floor. The darkness swept over me. 

The End

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