Hate. Passion. And hate again.


I watch as the old/new girl gives EVRYONE a hug.... Except me. I narrow my eyes at her, she seemed to enjoy Thunders hug a BIT too much! She raises her eye brows at me and gives me a cat-like smile, which made me want to punch her. I mean. I was almost as good as Olli at kick boxing!

Olli didn't seem to notice. Later that day, when we were having dinner, she was fluttering her eyelashes and twirls her hair. And it makes me feel even angrier about it because she's sitting next to Thunder!!! And I cant whisper to him, because I'm on the other side of the table! ARGGGG!I HATE HER!!!!She's got some baaaaaaaad vibes coming from her! ARGGGGGG! And whats with her VERY fake french accent?! It sounds sooooo stupid. And I REALLY couldn't take anymore of it.

"I have to go!"I cried in a shrill voice. Tears were buildning in the back of my eyes, and I knew if I stayed a second longer I would burst into tears. Which is getting VERY old for me. Olli, Filla, the twins and Faith seem to be the only ones that knew something was up.

I sprinted out. The tears had started falling and I ran to my dorm. I screamed in horror when I saw ALL of my stuff packed into boxes and my suitcase! a teacher came in.

"Oh, yes, you'll be moving into the empty dorm on the other end of the coridoor. Pollie is moving into this dorm. Sorry!" Then he bolted. I grabbed my vvery few things and trudged along to the other side of the building!

I unpacked and made my bed. I heared some worried voices then some angry ones then footsteps coming over to my new room.

"What the hell is going on?" Cried Faith.

"Pollie moved me outta my dorm!"I sniffed in a stiff voice.

"OH MY GOD! She's sooooo mean! Can I move in with you? Here I mean? Because this room has a better view of the lake.!"

"No. I'm fine."I mutter.

"Fine."She grumbled.

"Bye."I smile.

"Cya!"Then with that she raced off to go do whatever she does on a friday night.

I flopped down onto my bed and cried silently. I put in my earplugs and put on a sad song, which matched my mood...Run. By snow patrol.

It made me cry harder. I fell asleep crying. I hate Pollie. She's just about ruined my rep at Stay Connected. And she only just got here...


The End

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