"Class, I have some great news" Coach shouts. I turn to face her.

"Pollie" I scream.

"Olli" I run over and give her a hug. "Oh my gosh it's been so long" I squeal.

"I know" She says stepping back. "I see you're still with Sparks"

"Yeah" I say tilting my head and smiling.

"Whose this?" Sav says walking over.

"Poll" Thunder says.

"Thunder, sweety. How are you?" She says giving him a hug and I watch Sav's confused looks.

"Pollie was Olli's and Thunder's friend a year ago but she left for france" Spark explains coming over.

"Paris was amazing just like you said" Pollie says turning to me.

"What's your power?" Sav asks.

"Freezing" she says making her hands turn to ice.

"Wow" Sav whispers.

"Pollie" I hear everyone shout. Then I watch as she's bombarded with hugs.

The End

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