It's Electrifying

I groaned, sitting up. Millie was crouching beside me, looking incredibly upset.

"No! Really, it's ok!" I say, sitting up and wincing.

"Oh my gosh!! I'm so so sorry!" Millie has her hand over her mouth and her eyes are the size of tea saucers.

"It's ok Millie, don't worry. Just . . . help me up please," She had smacked me in the face with her foot, I have to say, it was highly attractive. Any girl who can plaster me to the floor in kick boxing is fine in my books.

Millie reached down and grabbed my hand, but as she pulled me up a little bit a shock ran through my hand and down my arm, tickling my torso and ultimately filling my body with electricity reaching all the way down to my toes. Millie stared wide eyed at me, never letting go of my hand. Our hands were vibrating with energy. I blinked and the current was automatically lost.

"Woah," said Millie, collapsing on the floor beside me.

"Woah is right," I smiled at her and grabbed her hand again, a faint energy flowing through our hands left over from the last time. Getting up, I pulled her up and into a hug, holding her and feeling the shocks where ever bare skin touched.

The End

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