"Alright class time for matches" the coach shouts.

"Yay" I jump in the air and hear everyone groan aorund me except for a few who don't know.

"Frances your up against Olli" the coach says placing down the fight mat. Frances walks up and I see him look at Filla while she flicks a glance at him through her hair.

"Right, go" coach shouts.

"Ouch!!!" Frances yells.

"Olli wins" Coach sighs. "Again"

I skip hapilly off the mat. "How are you so childish and so good?" Sav asks as I climb up to Sparks shoulders.

"She wasn't always the bouncy girl we know today" Spark says haking me on his shoulders a little. "Her mother sent her into atheletic training almost straight away"

"I know Gymnastics, Judo, Karate all types, fencing, I practiced sword fighting in Japan, I did running the sahara desert when I was 7, umm....." I try to remember what else I've done but then I notice Sav shocked face.

"She can pack a real good punch" Thunder says walking over.

"Known from experience" Spark jokes.

"What do you mean?"

"That's how I meant Olli in a Fighting tornament. If I remember correctly the score was 8-1 after the first half hour"

I watch Sav's jaw drop as she looks back up at me, smiling.

The End

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