Kickboxing with Love


Kick boxing. Self defense. Of course, Olli is already putting her gloves on, dragging Spark after herself. She is amazing at all things! Millie and I usually pair up, but this time, after giving each other sly glances, we pair off with someone else. Me with Jay, and Millie with Hatch.

"Who's Jill with? I don't want to tear up your pairing or anything. I can always find another partner Jay." I ask Jay, worried. Jay smiles at me.

"Don't worry. See, Jill's over there with Filla. It'll be fine!" He replies, before looking deep into my eyes. I smile back before giving him a peck on his cheek.

I avoid a front kick from Jay and sweep him off his feet while he is unbalanced. He falls on his back, groaning.

"Oh gosh! Are you alright?!" I ask, crouching down to him, putting my hand on his shoulders and supporting him up.

"Yeah, sure! You're good at this!" He laughs, standing up. "You gotta help me, this stuff I just can't do!" I chuckle, looking around at everyone else. I see Filla with Jill. She really doesn't like her soulmate. Frances, he is called. I don't know that much about the two of them. Frances didn't like her. Filla didn't like him. They basically detest each other.

"Has Jill found her person yet?" I ask awkwardly, "person" is hardly the word, but... I gently jab Jay, he blocks me.

"No, not yet. I keep telling her. I don't know what's gotten into her these days. She keeps avoiding the subject. I think she has found someone, but he doesn't know it."

Spark and Olli beside us are doing great, with Spark falling over much more often than Olli. No surprise there.

The End

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