More Spirit Watching

My dorm was totally empty when I went inside.

"Hm, that's weird!" I look out of the room and see not a soul in the corridor. "Looks like more wandering!" I jump onto my bed, still in an extremely good mood, and cross my legs in the usual meditative like position. Once again, my insides feel as though they're ripped from me and flung into the world.

Phew! I think. Running around the halls, I still see no sign of my friends. Ok guys! Stop playing hide and seek! Oly, oly oxen free! Still nothing. I ascend up the stairs to the second floor, the girls dorms. I cross my fingers hoping to see Millie.

Sure enough, everyone including Millie is gathered around Faith's room, whispering loudly.

"But it is!" I hear Filla whisper/yell.

"What is?" I say, squeezing through the group. Then, I remember they can't hear me, right. I fling back into my body and don't even wait for the nausea to hit of high speed spirit movement. Bounding up the stairs two at a time, I hit the group within seconds of hearing Filla's words in my spirit form. "What is?" I repeat, watching as Millie and Olli jump back at my sudden arrival. Olli glares at me, but Millie just smiles and winks at me. My heart practically pops out of my chest. She shouldn't have this much control over me, not that I don't like it.

The End

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