After talking to myself, I look at Shadow and feel an urge to kiss him. So I did. I peck him on the cheek, anything more would just be way to much. Suddenly, Sav and Filla fly into my dorm. I put a finger to my lips and gesture towards Shadow. They giggle quietly. What are they doing? I go outside to them, after looking back at Shadow to make sure he is alright. Spark is there too, he leans against the wall grinning. I close the door behind me.

"You know I chose Thuder right?" Sav says cheekily.

Not half yours anymore! He is all yours! That annoying voice again.

"WHAT!? What about Shadow?" I whisper furiously.

"Oh come on, I can only choose one. And, you like him."

"I was just supporting him. Do you know how horrible it must feel?"

"You love him."

"Oh my gawd! You sound exactly like that voice in my head. Why does everyone keep saying that?" Filla and Sav exchange grins and glances.

"Your fate is now permanent. You love Shadow. Don't feel so bad! You saved his life!"

"I did?" Filla nods, I smile. "But that doesn't mean I love him."

"But you do!" Sav confirms for me.

"Stop saying that as if it's a fact."

"But it is!" Filla answers. I groan.

The End

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