No!!! Ahh, we're doomed

"No" The words hit me hard.

"No!!!!! Ahhh, we're doomed" I cry before fake faiting where Filla catches me.

"Just find some one else to love him" Thunder says shrugging.

"Some one else" I whisper.

"Oh, dear" Spark says messing with his hair nervously. In fact he hasn't helped at all.

"Some on else!!!!" I shout. "Why can't you find some one else???" Then I fold my arms and pout angrily.

"The pouting don't really work Olli, you just look cuter" He says tilting his head and smiling. The I raise my hand and he steps back hands up in a peace gesturing way.

"Wait" Filla shouts. "I see something"

I turn to see her eyes clouded over. "It's not Sav desision that saves it..... its Faiths"

Her eyes come back. "How could Faith save.... Ohhhhh" I say realising. "To the dorm"

Then I run off down the hall Spark and Filla following me.

The End

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