I support Shadow back indoors. We talk for a while in my dorm, then he accidentally falls asleep on my bed. He looks so relaxed when he is sleeping. If only he could look like that all the time. I want to look after Shadow, he is in such a terrible state. I know I can help him. He was so happy before, before Thunder came. But I can't blame Thunder. Them two and Sav have had alot of history. This is confusing.

You love him

Shadow deserves - WHAT WAS THAT? Okay maybe that was just me. I'm tensing up too much. Hearing voices in my head.....crazy

You love Shadow.

I shake my head violently. Oh my gawd, I feel like Rephy in Psychic Crash when Kayden enters her head. I read it online on an awesome website called Protagonize recently.

You know you love him.

Rephy knew it was Kayden from her voice. I try to figure out who this voice sounds like. It sounds....sounds like....

It sounds like What?

You love him. You love Shadow. Believe me or not. Or is it, believe yourself or not?

I don't love him! 

I lov.....ely him. I think he's lovely, yeah? What if Sav chooses him, or what if he still loves Sav? Technically, he is still half Sav's.

But, if that's the logic, then he is technically half no-one's. Which means, that no one could be you.

You know, whoever you are. Me or someone else who sounds like me, you are just crazy. Shadow couldn't possibly like me. I am just a shoulder to lean on. You know what? I think I'll stop talking to myself.

Suit yourself.

The End

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