Watching Millie

I watched Millie walk away from me, saying she had some homework. Her black hair swung down her back. When she turned the corner, she looked back at me and smiled. My heart started beating so hard it almost popped out of my chest. I was just about to punch the air in triumph when I heard her scream "Yes!" from inside the school.

Of course, this made me jump in the air and do a back flip. I landed and then punched the air, also screaming yes! I was wrong to think I liked Dess, we were just friends. Maybe that's what I'd felt, it had to have been.

I felt like cartwheeling up and down the field, jumping, dancing and singing. Although, if I sang the birds would most likely come and peck my eyes out and dogs would howl from miles away, so maybe singing wasn't such a good idea.

Millie had only been gone 2 minutes, and already I missed her. I sat down cross legged in the field, my knees bouncing with excitement. I propelled my spirit from my body, and felt the familiar WHOOSH! that followed. I could tell my eyes were completely white, so I twisted around to face away from to school. I walked up the hallway, well floated I guess, although no one could see me. Up the stairs to Millie's dorm and walking down the carpeted corridor, anticipation was welling within me. I saw her, or her sister, standing be the door. It was Lillie, but Millie was inside sitting on one of the beds.

As I entered the room, no one looked at me. No one watched me, well then again, they couldn't see me. I went and sat beside Millie on her bed. The bed didn't creak when I sat, because I was as light as air. She was speaking, but I couldn't hear her, the only thing I couldn't do in this spirit form was hear or speak, and if someone ran into me, they just get a little dizzy. Sitting beside her, I put my hand on her face, cupping her cheek in my hand. Her blue eyes stared at her sister as she spoke animatedly about something. I put one of my arms around her shoulders and the other around her front, hugging her lightly as I sigh a happy sigh. She can't hear me, thankfully. I look up at her face again and kiss her gently on the cheek before getting up and flinging my spirit back into my body.

I jolt when I re-enter my corpse. A large grin spreads across my face as I stand up to go to my dorm for the night. It's almost lights out and I still have some homework, although I'll hardly think I'll be able to concentrate.

The End

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