Falling for a shadow


Wow! It is just crazy around here. Poor Sav! I walk over to the gardens. Shadow is sitting there. Poor Shadow! Poor Thunder! He looks down and his head is in his hands. I sit down beside him.

"Hey?" I ask gently, "Shadow?" I nudge him slightly. He looks up, his usually sparkling eyes are dull. There are dark circles around his eyes. His face is stained with tears.

"Leave me alone." He spits. I couldn't bear to see him that way. I had never paid that much attention in his looks since I knew that he and Sav was an item. But now I see him, properly, for the first time. He is really handsome.

I pat his back and put my arm around him.

"It will be fine," I whisper. He cries and puts his head on my shoulder. I can't imagine how he feels right now. I feel blood rush to my cheeks when he hugs me. What's going on? I KNOW that he is actually with Sav. Shadow looks up and into my eyes and I think I see him smile a tiny bit.

"Thank you," he mutters.

The End

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