Problem solved!


I come back from next door and I sit on the bed daydreaming. Sav has her eyes closed - asleep? - and she looks disturbed. Suddenly, she opens her eyes and runs out of the dorm.

"Filla!" I squeal, "I kissed Jay!"

"Woah! Slow down!" She tells me, "Seriously?"

"Well, it was more like a peck on the cheek...but still.."


Millie hops in, very energetically.

"Hey! How did it go? You were gone for ages!" I ask, she squeals and bounce onto my bed.

"Hatch likes me too! Can you believe that? You were right Lillie! This is so awesome!" Lillie says, hugging me hard.

"Nice one!" I high-5 her. Now we were all happy! Then Filla stands up, her hair covers her face. She was silent as she walked out of the dorm. 

The End

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