I saw Millie running out of the school and waved at her.

"Hey Millie!" I said.

"Hey Hatch, listen, can we talk?" she asked shuffling her feet in nervouness.

"Uh sure, Dess I'll catch you later kay?" I give Dess a quick hug before she runs off into the school to finish some homework. "So what's up?"

"I kinda need to tell you something," she says. We start walking around the field. I think this is the fiftieth time I've walked this field.


No! I scream in my head. Is my head freaking crazy? Who is my soulmate! I feel like ripping my hair out and killing myself. I can't handle this, it's impossible.

"Anything," I reply to Millie. Her pitch black hair shimmers in the sun and I feel like touching it. Her eyes are so blue, I feel like I could drown in them.

"I, uh, kinda-sorta-really-well-just-a-little-bit-a-lot like you," I stare at her. I can tell that shock eminates from my charcoal irises. I'm sure my silver pupils have enlarged too.

"A-are you-" I clear my throat, "Is this  joke?"

"What? No! Why would it be a joke?" I watch pain spread across her face an I know I've caused it. My heart aches, I don't want to hurt her.

"I just," I can't see you liking me, I think.

"What?" she asks, taking a step closer.

"I can't see you liking me," I say, putting my head down to stare at my sneakers.

"What? Why not?" she lifts her hand and puts it beneath my chin, lifting it gently.

"Have you seen my face?" I dramatically make a circle around the left side of my face, wincing when I poke it while completing the circle. "Who could like a face like this?"

Millie stares at me. I can't tell the emotion on her face right now. It's a mix between pain and confusion. She takes a step back, we're the same distance away as before and I don't like it. I wish she hadn't stepped back, so I step closer. This time, I'm the one to lift her chin.

"But," I start, she looks at me now, "I like you too,"

The End

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