Fate and Prophecy

"Olli" I look up over Sparks book at Filla running towards me. I duck under the book and meet her. She seems tired.

"She's gonna chose Thunder" Filla gasps. The words hit me like Ice.

"No...... she can't...... It can't be her...."

"Are you sure?" Spark says slamming his book down.

"I'm sure, I saw it. Two ways. She picks Shadow, Thunder lives happily off with a french girl. She picks Thunder, Shadow dies and the prophecy is profilled" Filla whispers.

"And the school will be burned in flames" I whisper saying the last line.

Filla nods. "Say all the words" Spark says.

"A Shadow of illusion will protect the school

From Danger and all many of ghouls

A desision be made in a matter of Days

Then the School might go up it Flames"

I shake my head and look at Spark. "We need to tell Thunder" I choke out.

Spark nods. "He'll do the right thing"

"Poor Sav" Filla mutters. "We need to tell him by lunch otherwise our fate will be certified"

I nod and we run off to find Thunder. Let's hope we get him first.

The End

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