Shadow. Thunder. Shadow. Thunder. Shadow. Thunder. Shadow.Thunder.

Do I love Shadow?

Do I love Thunder?

Which shall I pick.

I could kill both..No.

Shadow. Thunder. Shadow. Thunder.


Oh my god! I know what the saying; 'If looks could kill' means now!MY looks were going to kill some poor boy! I'm gonna kill some one!

Oh my God!

Shadow. Thunder. Shadow. Thunder. Shadow.

You love them both.

Said the voice. I AM AWARE OF THAT THANKS!!!!

You have to pick.

I KNOW!!!!!

I know which one you will pick.

AND HOW??? AND WHO???????

I cannot tell you.



TELL ME!!!!!



You pick Thunder.


Shadow IS going to die. No one can stop the future. It's a prophecy. It's written down. Shadow will die.

The voices words hit me like a bucket of freezing cold water being poured over my head.

I shivered. I'm going to kill Shadow.

I'm going to kill Shadow. I'm going to kill Shadow. I haven't even kissed him. Not even a peck. And I'm going to kill him.

No, I will kiss him NOW.

I ran off to find Shadow.

"SHADOW!!!"I screamed. He grinned when he saw me. Filla was walking in. She froze and stared at me in horror and shook her head running off to find Olli.

I sprinted to him, flung my arms around his neck, pressed my lips to his for a minute. Then pulled away, crying, I ran off down the corridoor.

The last and first bitter-sweet kiss. That could be that last time I ever see him.

My mind is made up. The voice was right. I'm going to kill Shadow.

The End

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