Shut up!

I've been here for about a day right? Already, I've seen at least 4 different people cry at different/multiple times. This school is crazy, but at least it's a little more interesting than my old school. My old school was like a black and white Tv. Stay connected is like an HD TV with Blue ray and you're watching . . . Avatar on it. Yeah, that's it.

Dess and I were walking across the field, talking about any random thing really. She was cool, really cool. We liked pretty much the same things, and she thought my funny eyes and hair were cool. She didn't even stare at my scar in the weird way everyone else does. Not even when we met!


Again, that word. It haunted almost everything she said now. Every sentence would finish with it, it tailed all my thoughts. We were just friends! Well . . . as far as I could tell.

Dess was telling me about her family when I saw Millie looking at us from a large window in the top of Form Roux. I smiled and waved a little when Dess wasn't looking. Millie gave me the stink eye and turned away from me. What did I do? I was so confused about this. Who did I like?


This damned inner voice thing was really starting to aggrivate me, correcting almost every word I said. I was about ready to scream. I looked away from the window and focused back on Dess. She is extremely pretty and she was really nice and we had alot in common. I really liked Dess.



The End

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